Tara Schile


Tara Schile is a wife, an author, an entrepreneur, a makeup artist, a singer, a beauty queen, a poker player, one of the guys, a girly girl, a Star Trek geek, an artist, an actress, an introverted extrovert, a teacher, a good friend, a party hostess, a costume-maker, a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, a godmother, an aunt, a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, a filmmaker, a director, a playwright, a movie-lover, a photographer, a twisted mind, a klutz, a traveler, a note-taker, a leader, a follower, a stargazer, a cat owner (x3), a pirate-lover, an organized mess, an oxymoron, and a genuine laugher.

There's a story for everything -

and it's in the book!


BONUS: Here's the link for the opening of  Tara and Ryan's wedding ceremony--where a FIGHT SCENE takes place! No kidding! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vex32C5p23k

Photo of Tara as Ms. Spirit American Renaissance by StudioPrimetime Photography.

Sincere Tara

My favorite color is glitter.

I'm the mother of two boys,

wife of my favorite person to laugh with.

Life is too short to fill your heart with hate,

so this tumblr is full of things I love.

I thought I looked really cute for our super boring errands, though. Our tax specialist asked for my card. 😊 @lularoetaraschile #LularoeTaraSchile

Posted 1 week ago

Today’s adventure? Taxes and the DMV. 😴😴😴 #adulting #taxes #driverslicenserenewal #boringest

Posted 1 week ago

Omg. This is me at H&R Block using a magnifying glass to see my expenses because the new printer decided to print in minuscule. #hrblockhead @hrblock #adulting

Posted 1 week ago

It’s not as dark as I wanted, but it’ll do. #greenhair #haircolor

Posted 1 week ago

Hair color time!!!!! #selfcare #greenhairdontcare #stpatricksdayiscoming

Posted 1 week ago

Thank God for Paw Patrol. #nojobtoobignopuptoosmall @elikatz13

Posted 1 week ago

So, the other day, Harrison finally pooped in the potty. While celebrating, the phone rang with an offer on our house. We just signed the contract. Holy sh*t, we sold our house. #schileskokieadventures #poopedoutanoffer

Posted 1 week ago

Lisa, playing her 5,428th round of “I’m gonna git yer bruther.” @squidpickle #nannylife

Posted 1 week ago

Today’s adventures include Mickey and the Roadster Racers and Data from “Fistful of Datas.” Normal combo. #toddlerlyfe

Posted 1 week ago

Three of us came out of my LuLaRoom last night and found a sleeeeepy Harrison on the rug, all tuckered out. 💗💗

Posted 1 week ago

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