Tara Schile


Tara Schile is a wife, an author, an entrepreneur, a makeup artist, a singer, a beauty queen, a poker player, one of the guys, a girly girl, a Star Trek geek, an artist, an actress, an introverted extrovert, a teacher, a good friend, a party hostess, a costume-maker, a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, a godmother, an aunt, a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, a filmmaker, a director, a playwright, a movie-lover, a photographer, a twisted mind, a klutz, a traveler, a note-taker, a leader, a follower, a stargazer, a cat owner (x3), a pirate-lover, an organized mess, an oxymoron, and a genuine laugher.

There's a story for everything -

and it's in the book!


BONUS: Here's the link for the opening of  Tara and Ryan's wedding ceremony--where a FIGHT SCENE takes place! No kidding! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vex32C5p23k

Photo of Tara as Ms. Spirit American Renaissance by StudioPrimetime Photography.

Sincere Tara

My favorite color is glitter.

I'm the mother of two boys,

wife of my favorite person to laugh with.

Life is too short to fill your heart with hate,

so this tumblr is full of things I love.

Guys! I went hot pink! I’m a magical B.A. unicorn!!!!

Posted 4 days ago

Ahhh! These sweet sleeping cherubs! Zev refused to nap without Jonny. Luckily, Jonny obliged. #naptime #betterwithafriend #BFFs @elikatz13

Posted 5 days ago

Oh man. It does NOT get any cooler than these three. *cue West Side Story music* @elikatz13 #BFFs #boys #coolerthancool

Posted 5 days ago

No big deal, just the love of my life. Our 7-year wedding anniversary is the 29th. How has it ALREADY been 7 years? Also, how has it ONLY been 7 years? That’s how you know. 💗💗

Posted 5 days ago

This is pretty much how I feel in life, too, kid.

Posted 5 days ago

Jonny was pretty insistent that this was, in fact, Dean Yeager’s shoe. #dogstagram

Posted 6 days ago

Harrison just handed us these and looked at us expectantly. So we obliged. #rednoseday2017 #goodparents #clowningaround

Posted 6 days ago

“I am one with the couch and the couch is with me.”


Posted 6 days ago

Love this.

Posted 1 week ago

This makes me so happy. You guys are such good friends to each other. @wt_jetset #guylove #bromance #BFFs

Posted 1 week ago

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