Tara Schile


Tara Schile is a wife, an author, an entrepreneur, a makeup artist, a singer, a beauty queen, a poker player, one of the guys, a girly girl, a Star Trek geek, an artist, an actress, an introverted extrovert, a teacher, a good friend, a party hostess, a costume-maker, a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, a godmother, an aunt, a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, a filmmaker, a director, a playwright, a movie-lover, a photographer, a twisted mind, a klutz, a traveler, a note-taker, a leader, a follower, a stargazer, a cat owner (x3), a pirate-lover, an organized mess, an oxymoron, and a genuine laugher.

There's a story for everything -

and it's in the book!


BONUS: Here's the link for the opening of  Tara and Ryan's wedding ceremony--where a FIGHT SCENE takes place! No kidding! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vex32C5p23k

Photo of Tara as Ms. Spirit American Renaissance by StudioPrimetime Photography.

Sincere Tara

My favorite color is glitter.

I'm the mother of two boys,

wife of my favorite person to laugh with.

Life is too short to fill your heart with hate,

so this tumblr is full of things I love.

💙💙💙 @jaxcellent

Posted 7 hours ago

Five Roses Pub for Melanie’s last Chicago night before her great adventure to California, Jackie heads home tomorrow and starts a new job, and we are moving this week! Adventures abound! @jaxcellent @melaniebolen

Posted 7 hours ago

“Are we smiling? Are we sassy?” @jaxcellent @keeleyshoup

Posted 1 day ago

This kid is just my little carbon copy. Look at this! It’s uncanny! #likemotherlikeson #genetics

Posted 3 days ago

I caught a quick screen shot of my folks laughing with Harrison over FaceTime. Isn’t technology wonderful sometimes?

Posted 3 days ago

So, packing is going well. #toddlerlyfe #boxesFTW #coloring #likeyado

Posted 4 days ago

We have Chad and Yujia our bassinet, so I carefully swaddles some precious cargo inside it… #ZebraCakes and #FallPartyCakes and some tiny diapers that no longer fit the boys. #likeyado #swaddle @thereallittledebbie

Posted 5 days ago

Today on #TaraBakes2017, a successful failure. These #TrollsCupcakes taste great but completely disintegrate when you pick them up. The colors are pretty, but they’re a mess. Ahh well. Should’ve made them from scratch instead. #fromscratchisbetter #boxcake #cuteassistant #tiedyecupcakes

Posted 6 days ago

I like this picture.

Posted 1 week ago

Had a lot of fun running errands and playing in Halloween things today. 🖤🎃☠️🦄

Posted 1 week ago

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