Tara Schile


Tara Schile is a wife, an author, an entrepreneur, a makeup artist, a singer, a beauty queen, a poker player, one of the guys, a girly girl, a Star Trek geek, an artist, an actress, an introverted extrovert, a teacher, a good friend, a party hostess, a costume-maker, a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, a godmother, an aunt, a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, a filmmaker, a director, a playwright, a movie-lover, a photographer, a twisted mind, a klutz, a traveler, a note-taker, a leader, a follower, a stargazer, a cat owner (x3), a pirate-lover, an organized mess, an oxymoron, and a genuine laugher.

There's a story for everything -

and it's in the book!


BONUS: Here's the link for the opening of  Tara and Ryan's wedding ceremony--where a FIGHT SCENE takes place! No kidding! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vex32C5p23k

Photo of Tara as Ms. Spirit American Renaissance by StudioPrimetime Photography.

Sincere Tara

My favorite color is glitter.

I'm the mother of two boys,

wife of my favorite person to laugh with.

Life is too short to fill your heart with hate,

so this tumblr is full of things I love.

Thanksgivinging! @cactuswrenn

Posted 1 hour ago

Speaking of kids suddenly looking so much older, Harrison is a KID now. It’s weird. Didn’t we JUST bring him home from the hospital? What a big boy.

Posted 1 hour ago

Jonathan the outdoorsman. Dirt is the best. I can’t believe how big he suddenly looks. 💙💙

Posted 1 hour ago

Ohhhh just another gorgeous blanket scarf from @homadestudio. Thank you Donna!! ❤️💛 @dhowashere #blanketscarf #homade

Posted 1 hour ago

I made a turkey out of bread yesterday. From scratch. *mic drop* #TaraBakes2017

Posted 3 hours ago

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m cooking and taming the wildlings while Ryan picks up our pies and Juliet and Tim!

Posted 1 day ago

I asked Harrison what we could spell with his chicken nugget letters. This is what we came up with. I’m pretty sure it’s that sound you make when a bubble is caught in your throat. #flerm #chickenletters #toddlerlyfe

Posted 1 day ago

The cave is gone at the Oak Park house. We should’ve done that years ago. End of a weird tiled era.

Posted 2 days ago

Best Thanksgiving text exchange ever. @zombie_pickles

Posted 2 days ago

Sorted a box of keepsakes tonight. Found my class ring, old ID cards, and my Grammy’s wedding gloves (which I had never tried on because I assumed they were too small for me). The ring stays, the cards go, and the gloves might be part of my NYE ensemble this year.

Posted 2 days ago

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